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Nile West Premium Footwear Offical debut Sneaker 'Postscript' is Available Now

Nile West

Nile West HMD

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The HMD sneaker is the Nile West casual semi-athletic shoe. The HMD colorway is significant to the heart of the brand. The Hundred Meter Dash, the most exhilarating event in track and field showcases, speed, technique, and most importantly pure athletic spirit. These traits packed with the inspiration of the sports greats and favorites of the owner makes this colorway more special. The Electric Yellow inspired by the likes of sprint legends Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and the impressive Justin Gatlin and their abilities to be shocking.

Handcrafted by master Italian craftsmen and made with genuine Italian leathers and materials this limited edition style sneakers are sure to make your outing more unique.